HE Don Rodrigo de Montoya
Inducted October 16th, A.S. XXXIX at Northshield's First Coronation by King Siegfried von Kulmbach and Queen Bridei nic Gillechattan

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Rodrigo de Montoya is living in the time period of 1595 (explicitly at a time when the codpiece was out of style). He is the second son of the Spanish Noble family, de Montoya, from the mountainous area of Navarre. The families estates are northwest of the city of Pampeluna. Being a second son of Spanish nobility, he was given the commission of lieutenant commander and held the position of navigator on the Spanish Galleon , the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion. The Concepcion was attacked and sunk by the English Privateer ship, the Star Dogg'd Moon. In the fierce battle, the English navigator was killed and Rodrigo was offered the choice of a walk on the plank or to sign on with the Star Dogg'd Moon. Despite the shame of joining the English crew, Rodrigo chose life over being a shark's dinner, but is dead in name and title to his family in Spain and would be executed immediately for treason if he were ever to put foot on his homeland again.


Kingdom of Northshield:
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms, TRM Wulfgar and Devon - April A.S. XLVII
Scroll of Honor, TRM Vladimir and Petranella - April A.S. XLVII
King and Queen's Joint Cypher, TRM Stephen and Ailleanne - August A.S. XIV
Baron of the Court of Hagan and Eilis - January A.S. XLII
Award of the Balefire - January A.S. XLI
King and Queen's Joint Cypher, TRM Lars and Mary - September A.S. XLI
King's Cypher, HRM Siegfried - April A.S. XL
Scroll of Honor, Kingdom Exploratory Group - April A.S. XL
Order of the White Scarf of Northshield - October 16th A.S. XXXIX
Territorial Baron of Northshield - October 16th A.S. XXXIX

Middle Kingdom:
Territorial Baron of Midrealm - January A.S. XXXVIII
Order of the Bronze Ring - August A.S. XXXIX
Order of the Cavendish Knot - April A.S. XXXVII
Award of the Purple Fret - Jaunary A.S. XXXVIII
Award of the Purple Fretty - October A.S. XXXVIII
Dragonís Teeth (Midrealm Army, Gulf Wars XIII) - March A.S. XXXVII

Principality of Northshield:
Award of Arms - August A.S. XXXVI
Princeís Cypher, HE Niklos - May A.S. XXXVII
Order of the Iron Watch - December A.S. XXXVIII
Order of the Northern Cross - August A.S. XXXVIII

Other Honors:
  • Northshield Kingdom Queen's Guard , HRM Ailleanne, 10th Queen of Northshield
  • Northshield Kingdom Rapier Champion , TRM Lars and Mary, 8th King and Queen of Northshield
  • Captain of the Rapier Guard, TRM Hroder and Giulia, 6th King and Queen of Northshield
  • Order of the Baton Gules, Barony of Nordskogen - November A.S. XXXVII
  • Prince's Champion, TE Niklos
  • Holder of the Princessís Sleeve, TSH Hroder and Giulia Northshield
  • Principality Rapier Champion, TSH Hroder and Giulia
  • Nordskogen Baronial Rapier Defender, under TE Anne and Geoffrey
  • Estrella Rapier Champions Team - A.S. LVI
  • Pennsic Rapier Champions Team - A.S. XXXVIII, A.S. LX, A.S. LVII
  • Gulf Wars Champion Team AS XXXVII, A.S. LX, A.S. LVI
  • Hellhound
  • Premiere of the Iron Ring and three-time Iron Ring Holder
  • Guardian of the Light, and first Ambassador to the Light

  • Northshield Kingdom Exchequer 2010 - 2013
  • Nordskogen Baronial Exchequer 2008 - 2010
  • Kingdom Deputy Seneschal for Transitions and New Groups (TANG) 2004-2007
  • Member of Principality of Northshield, Kingdom Exploratory Group (KEG) 2002-2004

  • Classes Taught:
  • Cloak Work
  • Range Games: How to effectively control the fight and close for attack using range tactics.

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