The White Scarf Treaty
Letter of Introduction From The First King and Queen of Northshield:

Unto Our Order of the White Scarf,

We would have you know Our criteria for choosing those to induct into this order and you can use this as the 'mission statement' from Those who signed the treaty;

First, prowess- On this we are firm and did not waiver. Those to be considered must be in the top 5% of all Rapier combatants in Northshield.

Being an exemplary citizen of the Rapier Field- This is an amalgam of your personal appearance, your efforts to support rapier in general, day to day labors and services, and the level of respect you have within the rapier community. All members of this order and many companions of the Order of the White Scarf or its equivalent from other kingdoms should have heard of those being considered.

And Chivalry- This is our character component. Courage, honesty, loyalty, generosity, courtesy, humility, and so on…We were quite comfortable in using the same virtues one ascribes to knights as our criteria here.

Two more things We would leave you with. These are to very common bits of advice given to those on vigil for a peerage, adapted for you;

1) The person you have been was what got you recognized and subsequently made a Don/Dona. To act differently, to become someone else's vision of what a Don/Dona is, would do a disservice to the rapier community and to the process which was used to select you…essentially, be cool and keep it real.

2) In becoming a Don/Dona, you have amplified your voice and the weight of your opinions. Your praise and criticism will seem as though it comes from a near divine source, and will affect those who receive them exponentially more. Mind the power of you words and actions.

Finally, you will be in a fishbowl. The waves you make due to any missteps on your part will reach the all corners of the Kingdom.

In Love and Service,
Siegfried & Bridei


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